About Us


At SDS Engineering, we’re full of ideas.

SDS Engineering was founded upon an idea, shared by like-minded individuals. The thought processes of innovation, resonates in our branding. We have grown to a dedicated team of engineers, who through sharing ideas, can make your big ideas, a reality.


Our vision for the future at SDS Engineering is to continue to expand our reach and services, throughout Australia. We are focused on the establishment of long-term industry partnerships, and a satisfied, returning client-base.


As practicing professional engineers, we adhere to a stringent code of ethics. As civil engineers, we have a duty of care towards our clients and the public. Our company values holistically encompass the ethical frameworks put forth by Engineers Australia:

  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Practice competently
  • Exercise leadership
  • Promote sustainability

Sustainability is at the forefront of our considerations at SDS Engineering. We recognise climate change. We acknowledge that the construction industry is one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide.

As such we are in the process of becoming a carbon neutral company. This will be achieved through a carbon offset program. 


Our Executive Team

  Amir is our Principal Civil Engineer. He oversees the vision, partnerships and business development of SDS Engineering. Amir is passionate about marine conservation, and is an avid fish-keeper.

Amir Entezami

Principal Civil Engineer
Abed is our Principal Structural Engineer. He oversees the design of a project from engagement to finalisation, and manages the general operations of SDS Engineering. His love for bushwalking is only surpassed by his passion for excellence in structural design.

Abed Yazidi

Principal Structural Engineer | Founder